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About the company

Royal Packing Services

Royal Packing Services is a young company on the polish domestic market, however, with as much as 15 years of rich experience gained in the UK.

At Royal Packing Services we put emphasis on professionalism and reliability of the services provided. Our philosophy, which leads us to success, is extremely simple. As specialists in the field of packaging and transport, we always try to meet our Customers expectations. We scrupulously select our offer and encourage you to use the modern service, which is not yet available on the polish market.

We believe that listening to the needs and requirements of our Clients is the key to fruitful cooperation. For the sake of our Clients we offer 24/7 contact during the project. Thanks to the information provided on an ongoing basis and thorough communication, our Clients can sleep peacefully, while their order is being reliably executed.

When choosing Royal Packing Services, you bet on the quality of services provided, speed of order execution and full professionalism. Our specialists are always at your disposal, offering fast execution of valuations and projects. We invite you to cooperation.

Why should
you trust us?


not only we pack, but we also protect all our Customers goods, using shrink film, aluminium foil, anti-corrosion paper and stowage.


following a strict action plan, we pack and transport the entire load according to the agreed deadline.


during the project we are at our Clients disposal 24/7, offering an unlimited flow of information about the order.


we rely on extensive knowledge acquired over the years of experience, thanks to which we always choose the best solutions available.

We transport modernity…

We have carried out large projects, including: packing entire production lines, relocation of companies and machine parks to other countries, packing Rolls Royce engines for Airbus or Boeing, packing prototypes of test cars and countless government projects, including comprehensive service from small aircraft parts to packing entire components or aircraft wings.

In the course of providing the services we have had the pleasure of doing, you will find cooperation with global companies such as: Boeing, Honda, Nissan, Virgin Atlantic, Rolls Royce, Jaguar Land Rover, Ford, Elektron and many others.

…and history

Our experience does not stop with machines, electronics and their parts. We also have a great deal of professionalism in packaging works of art and antiques. Transportation of statuettes and paintings, even large ones, is not a challenge for us!

Our heritage transport projects also included cooperation with Sotheby’s and Christie’s. It was for them that we had the pleasure of packaging small yet extremely valuable statues, artifacts from distant eras and huge, oversized images.

We are insured up to PLN 1 million

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