Pakowanie i transport

Packing and transportation

Packaging and transport are no secret for us, we have been in contact with this subject for many years. At Royal Packing Service, the experience we have acquired is used to guarantee potential Customers the highest quality service.

They’re made up of:


is quite expensive, but definitely worth the price. Unlike a car or ship, airplanes have no restrictions, they will not get stuck in traffic jams during transport. It is a perfect solution for all Customers who appreciate the timeliness of the order.


may not be the fastest mode of transport, but when it comes to costs, it is a cost-saving option. If there are a lot of products, sea transport is the ideal way to transport a large amount of goods. Container ships, bulk carriers, ladders and tankers are the types of ships that are able to transport any type of cargo.


is one of the services that is very popular among our Clients. Logistics services of Royal Packing Services are primarily based on the relocation of machines, transport of vehicles, antiques and other equipment, as well as relocation of entire companies or factories.

Especially for the sake of our Clients, we offer a 24/7 contact from the beginning of the cargo relocation project until is completed. Moreover, part of the company offer is a free quote of transport services for each order. Packing and transportation on request is a specialty of Royal Packing Services.

Due to the requirement of standards for transporting various objects, especially machines, works of art or large-size transport, all services are performed professionally and in accordance with accepted standards. We operate on the basis of ISPM-15 and IPPC.

What do we use to move our Customers goods

When we carry out packaging and transport, we realize that the precious cargo belonging to our Customers is entrusted to Royal Packing Services with confidence. In order to be able to relocate boxes and high quality transport pallets, we use all available solutions. The types of transport packaging that we use during transport by land, sea and air include, among others:

Transport boxes made of plywood – light and extremely durable, which are used by us to pack large and delicate items.

Transport boxes made of solid wood – top quality packaging that is used to transport heavy objects. Their solid construction perfectly protects all goods against external factors.

Fibreboard boxes – are made of board, which is created by pressing wood waste together. The structure of such a board is very compact and very strong regardless of the direction of the load. Such cases are designed to transport lighter and smaller objects.

Openwork transport boxes – allow the transport of both light and heavy goods. Thanks to a special barrier coating they protect goods perfectly against possible corrosion. An additional advantage of openwork transport boxes is the fact that they are cheaper than solid wood boxes.

Military boxes – prepared on the basis of the delivered project or our own solution. They have special internal equipment in the form of moulds and holders for weapons and ammunition. Such boxes are secured in high quality hinges, locks and fittings.

Pallet boxes – these are boxes made on a pallet base. They can be made of any material: wood, plywood, OSB or fibreboard. They are usually used to transport vegetables, fruit or small goods.

Transport platforms – used inside production plants, warehouses and facilities. Mainly used where there is a need to transport non-standard and bulky items. This part of our activity requires individual design and adjustment to a special Customer order, based on agreed technical assumptions and spacious premises where oversized objects are located.

Pallets – we know from experience that sometimes you do not need any kind of transport box to transport some goods. Therefore, we offer all kinds of pallets and pedestals. These include: regular industrial pallets, fumigated IPPC industrial pallets, regular disposable pallets, fumigated IPPC disposable pallets, special pallets, container pallets, wooden transport platforms, fumigated IPPC wooden platforms and trusses.

Packaging and transportation… what about safety features?
– safety features

Thanks to many years of experience in the transport industry, we are aware that every transport, whether by land, sea or air, is strongly influenced by external factors. Packaging and transport are carried out in such a way that intense ripples on bumpy roads, rocking on waves or severe weather conditions do not affect the cargo.

In the care of packaging, we not only choose the most appropriate way to pack the goods themselves, but also apply a number of preventive measures to protect the transport and its cargo.

First of all, we are very focused on the proper marking of packages. Adequate iconography allows to protect the package from turning, stacking or shaking.

These labels include:

Protect the load from humidity

Place of installation of slings

ISPM certified wood indication

Centre of gravity

Do not overturn


Secondly, as agreed with our customers, we are able to protect the cargo and protect it from corrosion. For this purpose, we use the highest quality anti-corrosion paper and heat-shrinkable film.

Thirdly, the stowage of packages is also worth mentioning. This is a procedure that aims to immobilize the load so that it does not move, during transport.

In the care of packaging, we not only choose the most appropriate way to pack the goods themselves, but also apply a number of preventive measures to protect the transport and its cargo.

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